dinsdag 17 maart 2009

Welcome to the Operational BI blog

The goal of this blog is to provide information about Operational Business Intelligence (BI). In future posts, we'll define Operational BI, discuss technology and key requirements in this space, share business cases, and so on.

For now, from a technology point of view I would like to characterize Operational BI as the convergence of BAM/BPM, Data Integration and BI technology. From a business point of view, Operational BI is an application which helps to better manage and control the (Operational) Business Processes.

Next, when you have an interest in this area, either as Business Process owner, as consultant/specialist, you are welcome to join the LinkedIn group on operational BI(http://www.linkedin.com/groupRegistration?gid=150936) and leverage the group contacts.

Look forward to your participation!

Wietse Bakker

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